A Beginner’s Guide to Baking Fruit Pies

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women and child making pie rolling pie dough

Common Mistakes

Pies can be tricky, so don’t give up if your first one is a mess. If the pie is too soggy, you can thicken it up with some flour or cornstarch. Make sure you pay attention to your bake times.

berry pie

Easy Pie Crusts

There are lots of pie crust recipes out there that can be put together pretty easily. For instance, if you want to make an easy crust from scratch, all you need is flour, sugar, shortening, salt, and some water.

pie and baking flour

High-Altitude Baking

If you live at a high-altitude you may have to make adjustments with your wet and dry ingredients. Pie crusts tend to dry out more quickly at a higher altitude, so you may need to add more water.